After a long career of teaching creative writing and leading writing workshops and clinics, editing a magazine, and writing ten books –  a memoir, three novels, five non-fictions and Write Great Fiction: Description & Setting for Writer’s Digest Books – and hundreds of columns I now look forward to working directly with individual writers  of both fiction and nonfiction (no poetry).

There are a couple of ways to go about this: 1) a thorough reading of your manuscript and a detailed follow up report of its potential and some general recommendations or 2) a much more extensive editing process.

After seeing a detailed outline or plot graph of your project and five to ten completed manuscript pages (the beginning of the book is most helpful) I will contact you and you can determine the best path forward.  This initial consultation is free; I charge fifty dollars an hour for all services after that. I keep precise records, noting date and time, of the exact hours I spend on a given project (no rounding off up or down).

If it’s general suggestions based on a thorough reading that you’re after,  an average length book (seventy to ninety thousand words) will take me something like ten to fourteen hours.  When I’m finished I’ll write a detailed letter in which I’ll offer  recommendations  regarding plot, flow, characterization, and the other inner workings that make writing and storytelling work.  I’ll also, of course, be available to answer any questions you have by phone.

More detailed attention to your book – involving line editing, grammar corrections, and margin notes regarding plot, characterization, pacing and specific word choice suggestions – will take possibly double the time required for a simple reading and review.

I’m not a literary agent, and I don’t have any connections with agents other than my own (who doesn’t take new clients) so assisting you in placing your finished manuscript is not something I can help you with.  However, I can be of assistance when you compose your query letter to prospective publishers and/or agents, arguably the strongest writing you’ll have to do since it will either open or close the door for you.

If I agree to take on your project I assure you I will work diligently to help bring it to fruition as the best book you intend it to be.  I’ll be straightforward regarding what I think needs to be fixed and will point out the strengths and the weaknesses of the story and the writing.  I’m old fashioned, and work much more comfortably and  effectively with a hard copy of a manuscript than an electronic version.  That way I can make notes within  the text and in the margins.  So if we move forward you’ll need to get a copy to me (either loose leaf or bound) and I will be responsible for getting it back to you along with my report, which will also be sent via email.

I love working with writers. Whether your book is so far just an outline and a few pages or is completely finished – or anywhere in-between – I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m also available to edit shorter pieces of writing, anything from short stories and articles to advertising copy and business reports.

Plus I conduct writing clinics of one, two or three days that I call “Wordsmithing 101” for a set fee and travel expenses.  If your writing group is interested in more details please contact me.

Here’s how to reach me:

Phone: 979-236-3695   (Leave a short message and callback number.)



or send it via snail mail to:

Ron Rozelle   108 Poinciana, Lake Jackson, TX  77566